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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Boiler is defined as an enclosed vessel where thermal fluid (generally water or oil) is heated through combustion with various fuels so that it produces heating medium for further use in various processes that requires heating.

You might find it easier to understand with the following example. Imagine that you want to cook boiled chicken for your dinner by using a gas stove. Gas is used as a fuel so that the stove could produce fire or heat. This fire will first heat the water used for boiling the chicken. Only after the water has boiled, can the chicken go in and voila! you'll have your boiled chicken. Hold on a second, how does this example have anything to do with boiler?

It is because the boiler resembles the stove! It needs fuel such as gas, biomass, solar, and coal to produce fire or heat. The heat will be transmitted to thermal fluid such as oil or water to produce heating medium such as hot oil, hot water, and even steam. The heating medium will be then used to heat other products in various processes.

So, the process of boiling the water in the boiled-chicken-example is a process of making the heating medium, which is the job of the boiler. While the process of boiling the chicken itself is the process where heating medium is used to heat other products in other processes.

Now that you have understood more about boiler, the next question that you might ask is 'why do you need boiler if you already have a stove?'. Imagine that you need to boil not one but thousands of chicken in a short amount of time. Will you use an average stove to cook each one of them? No, because it will take too much time. Or will you buy thousands of stoves? Well, that's just crazy right? This is when boiler becomes the solution of your problem. Boiler produces much more energy than an average stove can so it is very suitable for heating processes that requires huge amount of thermal energy such as heating processes for industrial scale products. Why do you need thousands of stoves if one boiler is enough to fulfill your needs, right?

Therefore, Boiler is used for any thermal or heating purpose in Industry and any place that require a huge amount of thermal Energy.

Application of boiler:

- Cooking a huge amount of food and beverage-based products

- Chemical process e.g: Cement, Rubber, Plastics, etc

- Run a steam turbine (Usually in powerplant) to generate electricity

- Bathing in a residential tower or hotel.

- Laundry.

- Textiles

- Plywood

- Food Processing Industries

- Sterilization

- And many more…

Boiler can be divided into separate specification and types. One most notable one, Boiler is divided based on the medium fluid used as a thermal medium. They are Steam Boiler, Hot water boiler, and thermal oil Boiler. Click this link to learn about Steam Boiler, Hot water Boiler, and thermal oil heater differences.

Boiler can be divided into some category, as can be seen below:

1. Based on the medium output

a. Steam Boiler

b. Hot Water Boiler

c. Thermal oil Boiler

2. Based on axis of shell

a. Horizontal Boiler

b. Vertical Boiler

3. Based on method of circulation

a. Forced drought Boiler

b. Natural drought Boiler

4. Based on fuel types

a. Solid fuel-fired boiler

b. Liquid fuel-fired boiler

c. Gas fuel-fired boiler

d. Liquid and gas fuel-fired boiler

5. Based on circulation gases

a. Fire-tube Boiler

b. Water-tube boiler

6. Based on pressure of boiler

a. High Pressure boiler

b. Medium pressure boiler

c. Low Pressure boiler

Now we know more about boiler, however boiler still require a few accessories and equipment for working properly. These equipment and accessories are used for a lot of thing, for example water treatment, Flue gas treatment, and others. So it is important to learn about those.

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