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Water Tube vs Fire Tube (in Steam Boiler)

Steam Boiler can be divided into two types, Fire tube and water tube.

Picture 1. Water Tube (Left) and Fire Tube (Right)

Firetube boiler passes heat from combustion through a series of pipes surrounded by water in a vessel, then this water is evaporated from heat transfer by contacting with the pipes. On the other hand, watertube is contained in series of pipes surrounding by combustion gas.

As can be seen in table above, There are many advantages and disadvantages for each types. Also noted, often water tube is built vertically and Fire Tube often built horizontally.

Picture 2. Fire Tube (Left) and Water Tuber right

Application for each type listed below:

- Water Tube Type:

o Power Plant

o Central heating enterprise

o Variety of Industries

- Fire Tube Type:

o Railways

o Marines

o Variety of Industries

For industries that require pressure under 10 bar, both types can be utilized. However still must be considered base on their advantages and disadvantages listed above.

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