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Beginner Steam Boiler Terms that people still don’t get it (Capacity and Pressure)

Samson Indonesia Boiler has sent a lot of steam boiler to industry across Indonesia. From our experience there are still many people who work in industry couldn’t differentiate between Boiler capacity and boiler weight or What is pressure. It is understandable because Steam boiler process is somewhat complicated. So, I like to give some basic of Steam Boiler terms.

When people say capacity in boiler often means Equivalent evaporation. Equivalent evaporation can be defined as how much steam produced per hour. Unit for capacity often use Kg/hour or Ton/hour same like mass units. This unit often cause confusion for someone don’t understand boiler. Many people think that capacity is the weight of boiler however this is wrong. Steam boiler with capacity of 500 Kg weight almost over 1 Ton (1,000Kg). However, it can produce 500 Kg steam in an hour.

Steam boiler use pressure to produce steam. Pressure is required to accelerate and make evaporation of water more efficient. Pressure is connected with temperature. Can be seen below bar convert to temperature:

1 bar: ±100 Celsius

2 bar: ±120 Celsius

3 bar: ±133 Celsius

4 bar: ±140 Celsius

5 bar: ±150 Celsius

So if we set Steam boiler to operate from 3 bar to 4 bar, meaning temperature of steam produced by Steam boiler is set from 130 Celsius to 140 Celsius.

This is mini explanation for Steam Boiler term made by Samson Indonesia Boiler.

Samson Indonesia Boiler is a company from Indonesia. established since 1993, Samson Indonesia Boiler have many experienced with Steam Boiler and thermal oil.

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