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Type of Boiler Based on the Fuel - Advantages and disadvantages.

From our first article (WHAT IS BOILER? LEARN ABOUT BOILER AND THEIR TYPES.) we know there are some fuel can be use for boiler. Each of these fuels has each own advantages and disadvantages.

This article will be explaining advantages and disadvantages of each fuel by mentioning price of fuel. This price is based on price of fuel in Indonesia.

1. Solid-fuel fired boiler type

Fuel for this type boiler include coal and biomass. Wood, Shell and recycle waste is an example of biomass. The heat generated by combustion of coal or biomass in furnace. There are a lot of types of furnace, however for now we will be focusing on box-type furnace.

Coal or biomass put into furnace, the combustion is started produce fire and with oxygen to make the fuel stay burning. In this process the heat transfer by conduction, radiation, and convection.

Advantages: Accessibility of fuel is high and really cheap. It also has a good efficiency because the heat transfer is transferred by conduction, radiation and convection.

Disadvantages: The flue gas require special treatment which is high budget for the equipment.

2. Liquid-fuel fired boiler type

This type of boiler used diesel for the heat generator. Burner is used for this type of boiler. The burner blow diesel with blower and a Fire-starter generate combustion which generate heat.

Advantages: Flue gas is cleaner and pretty high accessibility.

Disadvantages: diesel is expensive

3. Gas-fuel fired boiler type

There is some type gas fuel in Indonesia. First one is LPG (liquid Petroleum Gas). LPG similar with lighter, where a gas is tightening up in a tube and this gas will change into liquid. However, when LPG is opened, the fuel will come out as a gas state. This kind of gas is the most relevant because we also used it at our home for cooking.

There is also Natural gas, which a gas that obtained from nature and process by Perusahaan Gas Negara/PGN (Government gas company). PGN is distributed by line of pipe across Indonesia. However not every region area gets this line of gas. Usually only industrial area has the gas line. For an industry who require natural gas but doesn’t bypass by the gas line they can buy Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Advantages: The cheapest one (PGN) and has a high efficiency.

Disadvantages: Require safety for the gas pipeline at boiler which raise more budget. Eventhough PGN is really cheap however it’s not can be applied to LPG and CNG.

4. Dual-fuel fired boiler type

Using liquid and gas, Dual- fuel fired boiler type is use either gas or fluid.

Advantages: Can use one to substitute another.

Disadvantages: Expensive boiler

5. Electric boiler type

Electric boiler uses electric to charge heat.

Advantages: Electric can be control easily, High of accessibility, and Boiler is easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: Bad efficiency and cannot reach a really high temperature.

Now we know advantages and disadvantages of Boiler types based on their fuel. I hope this article can give you more insight for which fuel is suited for you.

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