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Steam Boiler is a machine used for generate steam containing high thermal energy. There are many components in steam boiler so it can work as it suppose to. Let's learn what is those component and learn how do they work.

1. Burner/Furnace

Steam boiler require fuel as a food to generate thermal energy. Energy comes from chemical reaction combustion by the fuel. These components called Furnace (coal) or burner (Diesel/gas)

2. Steam Drum

Steam drum is a place in steam boiler that used to contain hot water in Steam Boiler. In steam drum also a place where steam is generated. This steam drum contain water and steam ratio 1:1

3. Safety Valve

This component is one of the most essential component for steam boiler on the safety side. This component has a function for throw some steam if the pressure reach over limit that have been set before. This component has a role as a safety if steam boiler building pressure and the sensor is damaged, to prevent explosion from building to much pressure, Safety valve will lessen the pressure in steam boiler.

Even though such error is really rare, However we mus prepare before there are any causality.

4. Sight Glass

Sight glass is used to control water level manually. With sight glass we can know where is the position of water in steam boiler.

5. Water Pump

I think we know what is this used for. Water pump used for push water into steam boiler.

6. Blowdown

Blowdown is to drainage water in steam boiler. This blowdown is a requirement every day at least one time a day, to prevent any maintain a good steam boiler.

7. Control panel

Steam boiler is wired by sensor, this component control all the sensor and wiring.

8. Operator

And lastly operator is the most important component of steam boiler. Without a professional operator steam boiler can damaged easily.

Have other question just ask us now!! Samson Indonesia Boiler is a company based in Indonesia that have many experienced in heat energy. We have fabricate, Repair, and Sell Boiler for 25 years. Many company trust us with our product.

Contact number:

Joseph Kristoni S.T. B.Eng. = 08170760077 (WA)

Ir Yacob Soelianto = 0817775377 (WA)

or email us:

Thank you Very Much :)

Terima Kasih Banyak :)

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