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Flue Gas Treatment for Coal Fuel (Equipment & Utility)

Combustion process of Coal/ biomass fuel can produce flue gas that can make a pollute air and bad for environment. That is the reason why flue gas treatment is really important.

Compare with gasses and liquid fuel, Coal/biomass can create dirtier and more particle in the flue gas. These equipment we will discuss is a requirement by law of Indonesia Government for coal fueled Boiler to have.


Economizer is used to decrease temperature of flue gas. High temperature can make fan draft induced malfunction, because flue gas is transfer directly through the fan draft induced. Although fan draft induced is design for high temperature, there might a chance of high temperature of flue gas to harm fan draft Induce.

Cyclone/Dust Collector

As we have established, There are still a big particle in the flue gas. This Particle will be collected by Cyclone / Dust Collector. So Flue gas will contain less big particle.


If Cyclone used to collect big particle, Scrubber is used for cleaning the small particle and the flue gas itself. After transfer through scrubber, the flue gas will be cleaner and lighter.


Chimney is a requirement, Chimney used for throw flue gas higher so people around the factory won't affected by the flue gas.

For more Information contact:

Joseph Kristoni S.T., B.Eng 08170760077

Ir Yacob Soelianto 0817775377

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