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Steam Boiler Application Part 1

As we know steam boiler is used to provide us heat energy in form of steam as the medium. However do you know hot it can be applied into various field of works?

This is the list of Steam Boiler Application

1. Hospital

Doctor use steam for tools sterilization, In instance knife for surgery. Surgery knife must be clean when used so the patient won't get infection.

Autoclave is used for sterilization tool using steam with high pressure and high temperature. Autoclave cannot produce steam itself. This steam produced by steam boiler and transfer into autoclave.

2. Food Industry

Food Industry often use heat energy from steam for cooking and heating food. Other than cooking, steam also used for mixing ingredient before the ingredient is hardened. Some ingredient can be easier to mixed when the ingredient in a high temperature state.


Steam is used for washing clothes. Steam will do the job faster compare to using water. Laundry also used steam for ironing. Ironing with steam make the clothes less wrinkle.

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