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Thermal Oil Boiler (Thermal oil heater) is a boiler that used thermal fluids as the heat transfer media where a system requires a high temperature.

Thermal oil HEATER output is measure by its heat generating value. Difference with boiler which measure by capacity.

Thermal oil heater process

First of all, thermal oil transferred into thermal oil boiler. Thermal oil not contained in thermal oil boiler (different than steam boiler) instead thermal oil just passing trough thermal oil boiler. The thermal oil pass through a coil located inside the boiler. While circulated in coil, thermal oil is heated from the combustion of the fuel from furnace or burner.

This coil must be designed and constructed precisely, in addition there are also a lot other parameter to be consider while designing thermal oil boiler. For example, optimum speed of thermal oil must be calculated precisely so heat transfer can occur optimum. If the speed is to slow than it will cause less thermal oil to be transfer hence slow thermal energy transfer to production system. On the other hand, if it too fast, the thermal oil transfer to production system is enough, however it contains less thermal energy hence requirement thermal energy cannot be fulfilled.

In other word, designing thermal oil boiler require a professional knowledge and has a lot of experience in this field.


  1. Thermal oil Boiler can heated until reaching 350 degree Celsius

  2. Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and because doesn’t use water as the medium, doesn’t require any water treatment hence decrease Operational cost

  3. Avoid corrosion problems because doesn’t use water

  4. Has non pressurized system, meaning using pump to transferring thermal oil. Steam boiler transfer steam by using differential pressure between boiler and production system. That is why steam boiler has less efficiency because some energy in steam is wasted for steam to transferring itself. However thermal oil boiler using pump so there no energy wasted from transferring thermal oil.

  5. If maintains poorly thermal oil boiler doesn’t cause explosion because using no pressurized system.

  6. Doesn’t require any certificate to operate thermal oil boiler because thermal oil boiler not categorized as high pressurized so not as dangerous as steam boiler.


  1. Not recommended for foodgrade industries, unless if temperature requirement is under 150 degree Celsius then thermal oil can be switched with cooking oil.

  2. Cannot be used for autoclaved, because thermal oil is not suitable for sterilization and not pressurized like steam boiler.

  3. Implementation cost can sometime more expensive than steam boiler.


  1. Jacketed kettles

  2. Building heat

  3. Non foodgrade Industries

  4. Water heater

  5. Machining metals, paper and cardboard

  6. Construction material

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