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Hot water boiler has an almost identic principle with steam boiler with two major differences. Those are hot water boiler operate without using pressure and hot water boiler doesn’t require to evaporate the water hence the output is in form of hot water. Hot water boiler can be compared to water heater for shower in bath room, however with a much large capacity hot water produced.

As its name suggest hot water boiler produce not steam but hot water. Hot water boiler temperature is really low around 80 until 85 oC.


Eventhough Hot Water Boiler has lesser heating point than Steam Boiler and Thermal Oil Boiler there are still many reasons to use Hot Water Boiler.

  1. First of all, Hot Water Boiler has more safety value than Steam Boiler. Because Hot Water Boiler heating the water before become steam, there no pressure in the system. This make it more safety. Steam boiler without a good maintained can resulting of explosion from pressure. That is why Hot Water Boiler safer.

  2. Hot Water Boiler also often has higher efficiency than steam boiler. In Steam boiler, Steam is transferred to the system without pump. The steam is transfer to the system by pressure difference between system and boiler. Some of the energy is used to distribute the steam. However hot water boiler require pump, So the energy to move the hot water is weighted to circulation pump.

  3. Produce a lot of quantity of hot water boiler than home heater.


  1. Hot water boiler temperature can only reach until 85 oC at maximum.

  2. Similar with steam boiler, Without proper maintenance and water treatment, could cause corrosion.


  1. Household

  2. Hotel

  3. Hospital

  4. Laundry

  5. Industry

  • Use hot water

  • Cleaning

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